Top 10 Hotel Revenue-Generating Ideas

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It’s important to consider new ideas to see what can help your business stay on top. Read on to learn about different hotel revenue generating ideas.

In recent years, the average expectations of hotel guests have changed dramatically. No longer are they enthralled by fluffy towels and pillows alone. Now, most guests expect hotels to offer a wide array of amenities, from services and activities to exclusive stay packages.

With this shift in customer demand, it's critical to review new hotel revenue-generating ideas to see if they can help your business stay on top. Read on to learn more about hotel revenue-generating ideas and which may fit your hotel well.

10 Hotel Revenue-Generating Ideas

1. Rent Out Amenities

While the local community may not need to stay on your property, they may want to use the pool during the summer months or the gym year-round. Allowing locals to use these amenities for a fee can help bring in revenue during slower months.

2. Offer Regular Entertainment

Entertainment is a huge attraction, and allowing local bands or musicians to perform at your hotel can be a great way to attract new customers.

3. Allow Pets on Your Property

In 2023, more people want to travel with their pets than ever before. Offering pet-friendly rooms and even pet-friendly menus for room service can go a long way toward attracting guests to your hotel.

4. Rent Business Areas of Your Hotel

During the pandemic, many businesses got rid of their permanent office space but still require spaces to hold meetings occasionally. Consider renting the business areas of your hotel out to local companies for hourly or day usage.

5. Offer Discounts

While this may seem counterintuitive, guests love to hear the word "discount." Offering unique discounts based on the season and surplus supplies you have can attract individuals to your property. These can be discounted drinks at the bar during happy hour or deals on spa treatments on slow weekdays.

6. Upgrade Your Food Offerings

Buffet breakfasts are a thing of the past. Instead, take the time to design unique food experiences, such as an omelet chef available in your breakfast area or a unique in-room chocolate-tasting experience.

7. Offer Special Deals to Those Who Refer Customers

As mentioned above, people love discounts, so offer them one for referring others to your property. You can use this discount as a future stay credit to entice guests to return at the same time.

8. Design Stay Packages

Guests want vacations or staycations where they don't have to think. So try to arrange special packages with local venues, like stay-and-play packages or a package with local museum tickets.

9. Partner With a Tour Company

It's also a good idea to partner with a local tour company, allowing guests to start their experiences right in your lobby, such as walking tours, hikes, or lessons.

10. Offer Food and Beverages in the Lobby

If your restaurant is tucked out of sight, offering free samples of snacks and drinks throughout the day can help introduce guests to your culinary masterpieces. It can also entice them to visit your restaurant or snack shop to purchase the treat they tried and enjoyed.

Ready to Apply These Hotel Revenue-Generating Ideas to Your Property?

No matter what type of hotel you run, some or even all of these ideas can likely be applied to your property.

If you worry that using these ideas at your hotel may generate more of a mess than you are used to, reach out to us today to book our highly-trained floor specialists. They will help keep your hotel floor clean regardless of the event you arrange.

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