Remote Work Trends: Hotel Workspaces vs Co-Working Offices

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Remote Work Trends: Hotel Workspaces vs. Co-working Offices

Remote work is here to stay. In fact, according to a Microsoft work trends index, 73% of workers want their employers to continue offering flexible work options. As a result, co-working space is expected to encompass roughly 30% of the office market by 2030.

As hybrid and remote work becomes more common, the need for co-working spaces will rise, and new businesses, such as hotels, may become a viable option and capitalize on this new trend. Let’s take a closer look at how hotel workspaces have a competitive edge over traditional coworking offices.


Hotels are not limited to serving workers and entrepreneurs. Many chains have started to adopt a hybrid model for their hotel space; hotel rooms by night and inspiring workspaces by day. This model helps keep revenue steady during off-peak times and slow seasons.

Available Space

A traditional co-workspace has a fixed area specifically designed to be a co-workspace. A hotel has the freedom to adapt every room for multiple purposes. Underutilized rooms, meeting spaces, and event areas can easily be converted into workspaces.

Productivity Supporting Atmosphere

Whether someone works best alone in a corner or surrounded by people, hotels can provide working spaces that will allow them to work at max efficiency. A hotel is naturally designed to be welcome and accommodating! This allows them to cater to people who work best:

  • With lots of traveler chatter in the background
  • Perfect silence in an unutilized private room
  • In a group of professionals
  • Near a garden or sunny window
  • In an open or cozy area
  • On a rooftop

24/7 Service

Most workspaces close in the evenings, on weekends, and holidays. A hotel’s 24/7 availability allows the location to accommodate various work styles and needs. Whether it is the traditional 9 to 5er, the 2 am night owl, or the person needs to focus on an emergency project on memorial day weekend, there are no time restrictions.

Hospitality Centered

Your staff will not need extra training to incorporate a friendly and accommodating environment. They already live and breathe hospitality, cleanliness in the rooms, and friendly atmospheres. The same principles they use in dealing with safety, hygiene, and guest complaints can easily be incorporated into handling a co-space worker’s needs.

Extra Value

Your hotel is naturally designed to offer a range of perks and extra benefits beyond wi-fi. A traditional co-work space does not typically equip pools, exercise areas, or complimentary coffee/ breakfast bars. Many do not have on-site restaurants, clubs, or relaxing gardens. Whatever you offer your regular guests can be factored into your workspace plans as extra perks.

Should My Hotel Offer the Workspace Hybrid Model?

Yes! Whether in a big city or a medium-sized town, there will always be a demand for clean and hospitable workplace space. It is a great way to increase profits and use each room more efficiently.

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