How To Guide: Market Your Hotel Amenities to the Staycation Crowd

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As an owner in the hotel industry, there are many ways to leverage the staycation crowd. Read our guide to redirect your strategies toward this new market.

As the world recovers from business standstills brought on by the 2020 pandemic, travelers are beginning to pick up new vacation practices. Planning a staycation is now a popular option for people looking to get out and about but who don’t want to travel much more than a hundred miles. This is especially true for locations that offer an outdoor experience, rustic attractions, or a retreat from the city.

As an owner in the hotel industry, there are many ways to leverage the staycation crowd and make up for lost revenue due to limited business travel. Here is a workable guide to redirect your strategies toward this new “staycation” market.

Establish The Baseline

The first step in your strategy is to analyze your existing market and determine your specific area's travel demands. Then, by doing a search on Google Trends, you can find out what people are searching for while planning a trip. Try keywords like "[Your City] + hotel deals" or "[Your state] + travel packages."

Create An Attractive Experience

Once you've discovered the baseline of where you stand, it's time to cater to that demand. So what kind of package can you put together to meet travelers' needs? One way to capitalize on the staycation crowd is to offer residential rates for people living within your state.

Here are some other ideas to consider:

  • Create workation (work + vacation) packages to attract remote workers
  • Offer discounts for kids to appeal to family vacationers
  • Team up with other local attractions to create a package discount
  • Refine a romantic experience to market a couple’s getaway

The possibilities don't end there. The main thing to keep in mind is that you're putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience and creating a solution for their travel needs. Remember, all travelers seek a safe, clean experience. Make sure your hotel meets these standards.

Put It On The Internet

No matter the brilliance of the deal you put together, people have to be able to find out about it. So update your website to ensure it answers all the questions you found people searching for on their Google queries. Next, implement a flexible cancellation policy to stay in line with the onset of "new normal" practices brought on by Covid. Finally, market your business policies as a clean, secure amenity for staycation travelers.

Once your infrastructure is set up, you can deploy a digital marketing strategy to turn lookers into bookers.

Try these promotional ideas:

  • Start an email campaign
  • Set up social media posts
  • Leverage Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Use Google ads with targeted keywords

Deliver What You Promise

Landing staycation bookings is the goal, but it’s always important to make sure your hotel is ready to impress. People still want an experience that delivers a level of luxury over staying at their own homes, so it’s up to you to deliver that amazing ambiance expected of a hotel stay.

One way to achieve this is to go above and beyond with pristinely polished hardwood floors. Our surface care specialists are here to help you exceed that expectation. Contact us today to get started.

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