Travel and Vacations Are Back: How to Prepare Your Hotel for “Revenge Travel”

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How to Prepare Your Hotel for Revenge Travel

The world seems to be headed in the right direction with the COVID-19 pandemic — at least for now — and that means legions of people are looking for a taste of what they were missing during the pandemic.

Part of this rush for a return to normalcy has resulted in vacation plans that were put on hold or canceled coming back with a vengeance, which is great news for businesses that have endured these incredibly trying times. But with the revenge travel 2022 has in store comes the potential for headaches and missteps if your hotel is unprepared.

To help you get your hotel ready for this year’s big travel rush, we’ve created a simple guide about some of the revenge travel trends to look out for and how to prepare for the influx in hotel guests.

What Is Revenge Travel?

“Revenge travel” is a term used to describe a widespread vacation-booking rush that the travel industry has seen following the easing of restrictions put in place after the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

Notable Revenge Travel Trends to Watch

With so much uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, consumers are splurging to make sure they can get a vacation in before any restrictions potentially return.

Keep an eye out for these revenge travel 2022 trends so you can be as prepared as possible for the big rush.

Family Reunions and Large Gatherings

Many people went longer than ever before without seeing certain loved ones during the pandemic. This means that plenty of family reunions and large gatherings are in store for the revenge travel 2022 surge. Offering group discounts and other incentives that would appeal to large groups is a great way to attract business.

Increased Need for Staff

The switch from less business to more business than you’ve ever seen can be a jarring one for your staff, which means you may want to consider hiring some more employees to keep up with the rush of guests. On the other hand, being short-staffed during a time like this could be a catastrophe.

Increased Need for Cleanliness

You will need to keep up with this surge of new guests and accommodate a customer base with a newfound appreciation for sanitization. Following the pandemic, people are more aware of keeping things clean, so you’ll want to stay on top of things, or suffer the wrath of a slew of bad online reviews.

Need Help Making It Through the Revenge Travel Rush?

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