2023 Hotel and Travel Trends Hotel Owners Must Not Ignore

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Hotel owners should keep a close eye on what’s trending this year and what it means for their business. Here are a few of those 2023 hotel and travel trends.

In 2022, travel had a real resurgence after COVID-19, and with that resurgence came several notable new trends. In 2023, the industry looks to be on a similar trajectory, and hotel owners looking to be prepared for what the year is going to throw at them should keep a close eye on what’s trending and what it means for their business.

Here are just a few of those 2023 hotel and travel trends.

More Business Travel

While many people who had their vacation plans put on hold for two years during the pandemic were ready to make up for lost time as soon as things started to clear up, many businesses remained a bit more tentative with their travel plans.

In 2023, things are looking to get back on track, and a surge in business trips should be a key characteristic of travel.

Remote Work Continues

Many companies realized that remote work is not only possible but surprisingly effective during the pandemic, and many employees realized they much prefer it to office work.

That trend is not going anywhere, nor is its effect on travel. Remote employees can now blend vacations with their work weeks to earn money and still travel, and that’s what they’ll be doing in 2023 and beyond.

Utilizing Convenient Technology

Convenient technology has been a trend for many years, but it is possibly even more relevant in 2023 than ever.

As technology becomes more seamlessly woven into our everyday lives, travelers go from being wowed by things like smart features in their hotel rooms and streamlined mobile check-ins to simply expecting them. As a result, up-to-date technology is an absolute must.

Prioritizing Sustainability

Developing more sustainable practices is a trend across most industries today, which is why it will be one of the more significant 2023 hotel and travel trends. Travelers are more aware of the value of energy efficiency, conservation, and waste reduction and want to see those values reflected in their overnight accommodations.

A Focus on Health and Wellness

Some people are addressing the mental toll the pandemic has taken on them by focusing on one of the bigger 2023 hotel and travel trends — health and wellness.

Travelers will be looking to maintain that focus through exercise, yoga, healthy food options, meditation, massages, and more while on vacation.

Emphasis on Cleanliness and Safety

People are viewing things like cleanliness and safety through a different and more magnified lens following the pandemic, which means that both of those things will be high on their priority lists when traveling.

Travelers won’t just want to see that their accommodations are sparkling clean in 2023; they’ll want to see evidence of the exact measures being taken to ensure cleanliness and emphasize safety.

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