4 Hotel Event Booking Strategies to Boost Your Business

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Events are a great way to boost your hotel business. If you’re not sure how to get started, consider these booking strategies to plan events at your hotel

4 Hotel Event Booking Strategies to Boost Your Business

Now that many pandemic woes are in the rear-view mirror, live events are back and better than ever. These in-person events are a great way to attract more guests, increase revenue, and boost your hotel business. If you're unsure how to get started, consider these strategies to book more events at your hotel.

Know the Best Events for Your Hotel

Before attempting to market your space for potential events, it’s essential to consider the type of events your hotel is best suited for. If you have a beautiful courtyard on the grounds, it could be a great place to host weddings. Maybe you have a cozy lounge with card tables, perfect for hosting a local poker tournament. If you want to attract an elite crowd, a state-of-the-art indoor space with digital whiteboards and fast Wi-Fi is the ideal location for a business conference.

Reach Out to Event Planners

Like any other business, the events industry revolves around relationships. Specifically, building relationships with event planners in your area is crucial. These movers and shakers develop events from the ground up, including seminars, weddings, parties, and more. Treat them well and ensure they know your space's value; you can expect a boost in referrals and recommendations.

Curate a Strong Web Presence

The recommendation of an event planner is worth its weight in gold, but no one will book your space without first doing their own research. Therefore, it's important to have a robust and attractive web presence that thoroughly details the benefits of your hotel.

Make sure you examine your reputation on review sites like Google. Then, when you do book an event, encourage your satisfied customers to leave glowing reviews. Even better, ask them to recommend your event space to others.

Remember that people may not visit your hotel website or Google profile and will often search for you on social media instead. Therefore, ensure that your social media presence is current and highlights your event space, and consider creating an additional account that focuses solely on event hosting.

There are also event planning platforms and websites, and many accept advertising from venues like yours. Some even offer opportunities for businesses to become preferred or recommended vendors. Visit the event planning sites that are relevant to your niche and see what your options are.

Deliver on Every Detail by Providing a Spotless Venue

These strategies to book more events at your hotel will get people in the door, but you’ll want to ensure that most of them come back to patronize your business or book another event! Make sure you stand out by paying attention to every detail and delivering the best possible guest experience. One of the most impactful ways to do that is by providing an immaculate event space.

Cleanliness standards are higher than ever, and guests will notice a spotless venue. We can help with that. Our expert cleaners have experience providing top-of-the-line cleaning services at some of the top hotels in the world, so contact us today!

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