7 Pro Tips for Keeping Your Hotel Floors Sparkling

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One way to impress guests who walk into your lobby is to maintain spotless floors. That’s where our list of 7 tips to keep your hotel floors clean comes in!

One way to impress every guest who walks into your lobby is to prioritize and maintain spotless floors every day of the week. We’ve compiled this list of pro tips to help you design an effective cleaning routine for your feet, winning customers who will return to stay in your hotel again and again.

Tip #1: Vacuum On The Daily

You can stay on top of frequent messes that accumulate by vacuuming once or even twice a day. It’s essential to vacuum in two directions while using a slow and steady form to pick up every particle. Further, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a high-quality vacuum to hit the high-traffic areas of your hotel. This is especially important for your lobby entrance and hallways, where guests usually establish their first impression.

Tip #2: Mop With Microfiber

While vacuuming is necessary for carpets, you’ll find an even more effective tool in microfiber mops for your hardwood or tile floors. It picks up dirt and dust effortlessly, leaving you with that perfect, shining surface. Microfiber dry mopping can also save you money on solvents and cleaners in the long run, and it only takes a quick but regular swipe to stay on top of daily maintenance.

Tip #3: Tackle Stains On The Fly

It’s near impossible to avoid spills, so your best bet is to address them right away. Make sure you keep stain remover close by so you don’t miss a beat when a crisis arises. Specialty spot cleaners are helpful to have on hand for the moment you notice a stain. Make sure to hit it and dry it as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Tip #4: Invest In Sustainability

There are two pathways to take when it’s time to update your floors: go cheap and replace them as needed, or go for high-quality to avoid replacing them frequently. Of course, the more durable your floors are, the more sustainable they can be in the long run. Scratch-resistant porcelain tile, gleaming hardwood, or dent-resistant laminate are all viable long-term hotel flooring options.

Tip #5: Minimize The Mess

Another way to prevent dirt and particle build-up is to reduce their chance of entry in the first place. For example, stock the floors with doormats inside and out so guests can clean their shoes as they come and go. Also, shake out or vacuum your rugs regularly.

Tip #6: Train Your Workforce

All these tasks must be routinely performed, and your hotel staff must be trained to meet expectations. Make sure to teach every employee proper sanitation methods, and set the standard by example.

Tip #7: Outsource Professional Floor Cleaners

Another approach for keeping your floors pristinely polished is to hire an external cleaning service. Professional cleaning companies reach a new level of floor care as they specialize in their work and take pride in achieving top-notch results.

Showcase Your Floors

Incorporating these practices into your regular cleaning routine makes it easy to ensure sparkling floors that will wow your guests. If you’re ready to work with a professional cleaning company, give us a call at Hotel Cleaning Services. We’ll get your floors looking their best.

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