3 Things To Consider When It Comes to Hotel Flooring Options

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3 Things To Consider When It Comes to Hotel Flooring Options

Consumers expect a lot from hospitality brands, especially hotels. Guests want to be blown away when they walk into a hotel. After all, they’re paying for an experience. Therefore, it’s important to take a close look at functionality and design when selecting the right flooring for your establishment. Here are three considerations to make when it comes to hotel flooring options.

Safety Considerations

Most hotels are beginning to swap out carpeting in favor of hardwood and luxury vinyl tile. The switch comes on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many travelers are concerned about health and safety measures in the establishments where they rest their heads.

Carpeting is notorious for holding onto bacteria and debris. Regardless of how often you vacuum, shampoo, and clean it, carpeting will always hold onto some residual debris.

Hardwood and LVT flooring are significant improvements over carpeting. Each flooring type can be sealed to prevent bacterial growth, and with the appropriate cleaning methods, the floors can remain free of any potentially threatening elements.

Hardwood Versus Luxury Vinyl Tile

Both hardwood and LVT flooring provide durability and longevity. Additionally, each flooring type creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The key difference to consider is use.

Is your hotel pet-friendly and in a highly-trafficked area? Do you have amenities like a swimming pool or gym? If your location allows pets and is unusually busy, LVT flooring is more affordable and durable. Plus, LVT comes in various designs to suit any atmosphere.

If your establishment aims to attract a higher-end clientele, hardwood might be a better choice. While LVT is durable, it doesn’t have the same implied richness as hardwood.

However, either flooring is well-suited for hotels. Hardwood and LVT can both tolerate heavy foot traffic and rigorous cleanings.

Maintenance and Care

Because of the constant traffic in hotel lobbies and hallways, regular maintenance is necessary to keep an establishment looking its best.

Hardwood flooring and LVT require specialized cleaning practices to maintain the appearance and durability of the material. Using the wrong cleaning methods can damage the surface or reduce the lifespan of the materials.

While in-house operations can handle occasional cleanups, consider our floor cleaning and care services to ensure your flooring receives the professional touch it deserves. We’ll maximize your flooring’s durability and longevity. And if you have questions we can help answer, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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