6 Tips on How to Clean a Commercial Kitchen Thoroughly

    There are many steps to cleaning a commercial kitchen thoroughly. Read on to learn the various aspects of keeping a commercial kitchen as clean as possible.

    Keeping a commercial kitchen clean is important to customer and employee safety. But it can also be challenging, especially when you are busy running other aspects of your business.

    There are many steps in how to clean a commercial kitchen thoroughly. Read on to learn more about the various aspects of keeping a commercial kitchen as clean as possible.

    6 Tips on How to Clean a Commercial Kitchen Thoroughly

    1. Start With Countertops and Hard Surfaces

    Countertops and other hard surfaces in a commercial kitchen are known to breed germs, especially when they are used for food preparation. Therefore, at a minimum, these should be cleaned multiple times per day, between uses, using a soft cloth and disinfectant spray.

    It is also essential to consider a weekly deep clean of heavily-used surfaces using a scrub brush and disinfectants.

    2. Periodically Clean Exhaust Hood and Vents

    Many commercial kitchen owners forget that the exhaust hoods and vents need to be cleaned with some frequency. Allowing these vents to clog can block kitchen airflow.

    It is also important to report any damage to these systems and replace said damaged parts as soon as possible.

    3. Deep Clean Appliances and Equipment Regularly

    Most commercial kitchens have an array of expensive equipment that can degrade quickly when not cleaned regularly. Ensure appliances and equipment are wiped down on a daily basis.

    Once a week, it's also a good idea to deep clean all large pieces of equipment, wiping down all parts, including the exteriors. For some grills and fryers, this may also include emptying grease traps and soaking different parts of the equipment.

    4. Don’t Forget to Clean the Sinks

    Sinks are another commonly overlooked aspect of the commercial kitchen, but they need to be cleaned regularly as well. Wipe them down on a daily basis, paying special attention to the backsplash and any limescale buildup around the spout and drain.

    5. Clean Storage Areas

    Storage areas are often forgotten but can also be germ-breeding grounds in commercial kitchens. While they don't need to be cleaned as often as other spots, they should be deep cleaned at least once every six months.

    This deep clean should include wiping down shelves and racks, as well as a thorough scrub of the floor.

    6. Clean Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

    Although commercial kitchen ceilings don't require daily attention, bits of food and debris do eventually make their way up there. While the floors should be cleaned each day, it's a good idea to leave the walls and ceiling to a weekly or bi-weekly clean.

    Cleaning these areas should be performed with a cloth, disinfectant spray, and a scrub brush in high-trafficked floor areas.

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    Keeping a commercial kitchen clean can be difficult, namely when there are other aspects of the business which need your constant attention.

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