5 Tips For Hotel Disinfection Standards

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In the hotel industry, it is important that shared spaces remain clean & regularly maintained. Read on for 5 helpful tips on your daily disinfectant practices.

There’s no doubt that cleaning and disinfection standards have been affected by the pandemic. And if you’re in the travel and hospitality industry, you know the utmost importance of keeping shared spaces clean and regularly maintained. To help keep your hotel clean and disinfected, we’ve come up with the top five tips for hotel disinfection standards.

1. Be extra mindful of high-traffic areas.

Your hotel has many shared spaces susceptible to frequent handling, including door knobs, restrooms, sitting areas, entryways, and lobbies. These areas require ongoing disinfection throughout the day to ensure they meet sanitation standards. Keep your cleaning supplies on deck and implement timed disinfection intervals to stay on top of health and safety requirements.

2. Keep individual rooms on a tight cleaning regimen after each guest’s stay.

Guests must be comfortable with the cleanliness of their rooms. To ensure this, it is necessary to disinfect all surfaces, use an air diffuser, provide proper ventilation, and if possible, space out reservations so that an occupied room has 24 hours between guest stays. This helps to prevent any airborne viruses from taking hold.

3. Follow CDC standards

Stay aware of CDC standards and recommend that any guests that test positive for COVID-19 reschedule their travel plans. Current CDC recommendations should be noted and visible for guests or potential guests so they can adhere to these recommendations.

4. Don’t take the easy way out for your hotel’s cleaning procedures.

It can be easier to do the bare minimum as far as cleaning procedures go, but it is necessary to remain diligent. If there is a COVID outbreak at your hotel, it becomes a liability and is bad for business. By taking responsibility for your hotel's cleanliness, the community's safety is put first, and you can also have peace of mind about your hotel's standards of operation.

5. Hire a third-party cleaning company to get the job done right

Maintaining federal guidelines can be intimidating at first. However, you can rest easy by hiring a hotel cleaning services company that has highly specialized knowledge in hotel disinfecting to keep your hotel at its cleanest.

At Hotel Cleaning Services, our trained technicians are prepared with the required disinfectants and equipment for streamlining your cleaning procedures. Additionally, we can design a customized plan to keep up with routine maintenance of your hotel on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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