Types Of Housekeeping In The Hotel Industry

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Types Of Housekeeping In The Hotel Industry | Hotel Cleaning Services

Hotel guests expect comfortable and clean accommodations in their temporary “home away from home.” This means a variety of housekeeping services provided by dedicated and trained staff is required to meet this need.

Consider the necessary and vital types of housekeeping services in the hotel industry as you welcome guests and sustain your hotel business.

From the entryway carpets to the bedroom baseboards, hotels must be immaculate. A clean and tidy environment encourages guests to relax and increases the likelihood that they will visit again or refer you to their friends or colleagues.

Ensure your hotel remains neat, fresh, and attractive with these types of hotel cleaning services.


To make a good first impression and support your hotel’s superior reputation, you must start with a clean and appealing exterior.

Your cleaning and groundskeeping schedule should include pressure washing the exterior, washing the windows, and maintaining a clean, welcoming entrance. This is your guests first impression, so attention to these details shows your guests right away that you’re serious about cleanliness.

Entryway And Lobby

The entryway, lobby, hallways, and other public areas of your hotel are as important as the guest rooms.

Guests expect to walk into a clean and inviting hotel entryway that inspires them to continue the check-in process and relax.

Wow guests with a clean space free of clutter, dust or debris. To do this, your housekeeping schedule should include sweeping the entryway flooring, washing interior and exterior glass surfaces, removing dust, dirt, and grime that accumulates from the outdoors, vacuuming carpets – even cleaning the escalators on a routine basis. Be sure to focus on big areas like the floors and surfaces as well as hidden spots like table undersides, picture frames, and wall trim.

With regular hotel housekeeping and cleaning, these public areas reinforce your brand image and show guests the level of cleanliness they can expect throughout your hotel. 

Guest Rooms

As the heart of your hotel and a major source of revenue, guest rooms must remain spotless whether housekeepers are cleaning rooms for current guests or preparing rooms for occupancy.

In addition to cleaning every visible and hidden surface carefully, housekeepers must stock supplies and be sure appliances work properly. These cleaning professionals must also work quickly and efficiently.

With high-quality housekeeping practices, all guests can have confidence that their rooms are impeccably clean and neat for the duration of their stay.


The restrooms in your guest, employee, and public areas can get dirty quickly.

Pay special attention to cleaning and sanitizing these rooms. Every surface, from ceiling tiles to sink stoppers, must be flawless. Also, toilet paper, soap, and paper towel dispensers should be checked and filled throughout the day, and spills should be cleaned up promptly.

Expert housekeeping staff can perform these basic cleaning duties plus sanitize and deep clean bathrooms at regular intervals.


Guests appreciate amenities like a spa, pool, gym, and laundry room. Of course, elevators are essential, and you may install an escalator to add visual appeal to your hotel.

To improve your guests’ experiences, keep these amenities clean and functioning properly at all times. Scrubbing pool grout and sanitizing the laundry room trash cans are two of many details that make guests feel confident and relaxed as they spend time enjoying their stay in your hotel.


Create tantalizing restaurant atmospheres that encourage guests to enjoy delicious meals and drinks with confidence.

Types of housekeeping services include cleaning all surfaces of the dining area and commercial kitchen, from the tables and chairs to the grease traps and refrigerators. This ensures every guest dines in comfort and feels satisfied that their food and drinks are prepared in a clean and safe environment.

Employee Areas

As you focus your housekeeping efforts on creating a positive guest experience, keep employee areas clean, too.

Your staff works hard to take care of hotel guests. Their workspaces, break rooms, and supply areas should be maintained just like any other space. Add employee areas to your housekeeping list as you care for one of your most important assets, your employees.

Hard Surface Floors

Every type of floor in your hotel, including wood, vinyl, composite tile, limestone, terrazzo, and marble, must sparkle and shine.

Ensure your housekeepers use the correct solutions and care techniques for each floor surface. Your staff should also know how to clean up minor spills, provide deep cleaning services, and strip, recoat, or refinish hard surface floors as needed.


Your hotel’s luxurious and functional carpeting deserves special treatment since guests will notice its cleanliness and condition.

Vacuum the carpets regularly, and ensure your housekeeping staff knows how to conduct spot cleaning and water extraction properly. With the right care, your hotel’s heavily trafficked carpets can last a long time, look new, and enhance your hotel’s reputation.

Stone & Marble

Beautiful stone and marble surfaces create a good first impression for guests. Preserve the luster of these surfaces with the right types of housekeeping services.

Polishing, sealing, pasting, and crystallization are four essential tasks that your housekeeping staff should perform as needed. With care, stone and marble surfaces add visual appeal to your hotel.

Maintenance or Construction Areas

Your hotel’s success depends on regular maintenance, and you may occasionally remodel, restore, or upgrade guest rooms and other areas. Your housekeeping staff will clean affected areas throughout the maintenance or construction process.

A neat appearance gives guests peace of mind and supports your hotel’s image as you make improvements.

Coordinating Various Types Of Housekeeping Services

Necessary and vital, housekeeping services protect your hotel’s image and invite guests to relax and return.

To meet the high expectations of your hotel guests and sustain your profitable business, prioritize cleanliness. A comprehensive plan including different types of housekeeping, cleaning and groundskeeping services is key to creating a pristine and comfortable environment for guests.

To ensure the ultimate level of cleanliness and efficiency, many higher end hotels and resorts choose to outsource some, or all, of these services to hotel housekeeping and cleaning experts such as Hotel Cleaning Services.

Get in touch to find out how our experts can maintain your hotel from top to bottom and perform routine, or even occasional cleaning jobs, without disrupting guest services.

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