image of hotel and hospitality employeesIn the hotel and hospitality industry, the success of your business depends heavily on employee productivity and customer service. When you are understaffed or have untrained employees, it can negatively impact the customer experience, as well as your profitability and brand.

At Hotel Cleaning Services, we offer a full scope of hotel staffing and hospitality staffing services to ensure you have the quality workforce you need to maintain your reputation as a high-class establishment.


Types of Hotel & Hospitality Staffing Services Offered

You can count on Hotel Cleaning Services to provide you with the hotel and hospitality staff that you need to operate a successful business and deliver an exceptional guest experience.

Some of the professionals that we provide quality contract labor staffing for includes:

  • Banquet houseman
  • Culinary and cook positions
  • Day porters
  • Housekeeping staff
  • Housekeeping supervisors
  • Houseman
  • Landscaping staff
  • Kitchen stewards
  • Room attendants

Whether you are expanding operations, experiencing high employee turnover, or struggle to keep up with business growth, we can assist you in vetting the most highly-trained team members to join your team.

How We Match Qualified Candidates

You deserve more than just bodies to help you with your business. You need quality staff that is well-trained to exceed your, and your guests’ expectations. And, at Hotel Cleaning Services we don’t cut corners when it comes to matching qualified candidates with the right properties.

First, we take the time to sit down with you and discuss your goals, requirements, and expectations. After we’ve identified potential matches, we’ll conduct background checks, reference checks, drug testing and full comprehensive interviews for the employees that we decide to send to you.

Benefits Of Hotel Staffing Services

By allowing us to identify quality contract labor staffing, your business will benefit in several ways.

Freeing Up Human Resources Time

One of the benefits of utilizing hotel and hospitality staffing services is that we take the time to find, interview and screen potential professionals. If you have a small human resources department, they may be overwhelmed by the prospect of completing these tasks.

Locating Skilled Employees

We find skilled employees who specifically match your criteria and expectations. Part of the screening process is testing various proficiencies related to the position which ensures the candidates have the experience and skillset required before being hired. This reduces the time you spend training and helps increase your overall satisfaction with your employees.

Tackling Seasonal Fluctuations & Employee Turnover

Hotel Staffing Services sees to it that you have the staffing you need when you need it. From big events to busy times of the year, we can provide temporary staff to fulfill your demand. If you’ve recently experienced high staff turnover, let us fill the gaps with long-term, qualified employees.

Get Skilled Candidates For Your Hotel Staffing & Hospitality Staffing Needs

We understand that the quality of your staff can make or break your brand. This is why Hotel Cleaning Services provides contract labor solutions you can trust.

From short-term help with special events or peak seasons to long-term staff members for your hotel, restaurant or other establishments, we can get you the staffing you need.