As customers step foot inside your property, first impressions are everything. If something seems dirty or unkempt, their initial reaction may not be a positive one.

Carpet can get dirty, look worn and become stained over time. This can leave a negative impression on guests. For this reason, carpet cleaning services are vital to your business.

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Types Of Carpet Cleaning Services Offered

At Hotel Cleaning Services, we provide various carpet cleaning services to ensure your carpet always looks its best. 

Some of the different professional carpet cleaning services we offer include:

  • Commercial vacuuming
  • Spot cleaning
  • Low moisture encapsulation
  • Hot water extraction

These cleaning techniques allow us to maintain your carpet and thus uphold the positive outlook customers have of your business.

Implementing Carpet Cleaning Services

Every carpet and space is different. The type of carpet you have installed, the color, texture, and pattern on the carpet, the age, traffic volume, and the current weather conditions all play a role in the type of care that your carpet requires. 

Dark-colored carpet that is rarely used may need less care than carpet that is light in color and heavily trafficked.

Our experts will evaluate these factors to devise a plan that leaves your carpet always looking its best.

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Benefits Of Regular Carpet Cleaning Services

Routine carpet cleaning services make a positive first impression upon your guests and clients. There are also several other benefits associated with this service.

Extending the lifespan of carpets

Carpeting an entire property is an expensive investment.  Carpets that are properly cleaned and cared for have a longer lifespan compared to those that are neglected. 

Ensuring carpets are clean and sanitary

Carpet fibers and the padding underneath can retain germs, bacteria, residue, and other contaminants. Regular cleaning keeps carpets clean and sanitary above and beneath the surface.

Improving air quality

Dirty carpets can release dust, dander, and pollen into the air as the carpet is stepped on or as items are wheeled or drug across the floor. Keeping your carpets clean helps to improve air quality.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

The carpet cleaning services that are suitable for your property depend on a variety of factors like the type of carpet, age, condition, traffic, and time of year. 

Let Hotel Cleaning Services help you by putting together a custom carpet care routine to keep your floors looking their best.

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