Robots in the Hospitality Industry: How They’re Being Used for the Guest Experience

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Robots in the Hospitality Industry | Hotel Cleaning Services

In today's world, so much of our day-to-day experience is becoming automated. From smartphones to smart homes, simple tasks have been simplified as the technology behind robots, and artificial intelligence has developed significantly.

Robots are much more than the silly mechanical beings portrayed in TV shows and films. Simply put, a robot is a machine designed to carry out complex actions, whether at the prompting of a command or automatically. As a result, robots can be created to fulfill many tasks, including responsibilities specific to the hospitality industry.

AI in the Hospitality Industry: Robots Enhancing Hotel Guest Experience

A robot without artificial intelligence is programmed to do its task without change or improvement. When artificial intelligence is added, robots can learn from their "experiences" to perform tasks more efficiently in the future based on the outcomes they produce.

There are so many specific jobs related to the world of hospitality, from hotel staff to airline workers and everything in between. In addition, many companies worldwide are incorporating robots into their workforces to automate certain tasks and make their customers' experience even more streamlined and positive.

Let's take a closer look at some new and exciting ways that robots and AI are incorporated into the hospitality sector.

Concierge Services

Many hotels have shifted to a fully automated concierge system allowing quick and easy guest check-in. Using state-of-the-art AI programming, these concierge robots can recognize speech and answer questions as they perform the typical check-in tasks. Additionally, the robot uses AI to learn from each interaction, improving its efficacy and answers to customer questions with each interface.


Those who travel frequently know how cumbersome it can be to carry around a big, heavy suitcase. What if your suitcase could hold its own as you travel from airports to hotels to the city streets and beyond? New robotic suitcases are made with special anti-collision programming and 360-degree turn ability. They can follow you around autonomously without the need for pulling or carrying.

Airport Guides

Airlines and their customers are relying more on robot technology to remove unnecessary friction from the airport experience. Booking, check-in, and security can all be streamlined with the help of robots. For instance, chatbots can help customers easily book or cancel flights without waiting for a representative. In addition, small security robots can help airport staff detect banned items and substances during security checks.

Hotel Cleaning

There are many aspects of hotel cleaning that should be left to the specialists, but robot technology has advanced in ways that allow hotel cleaning staff to be even more thorough and effective. In addition, the added help of robots makes it possible for rooms to be cleaned quickly after guest check-out.

Although technology has enhanced the overall guest experience, there’s still a lot to be said about the human touch, and in terms of hotel housekeeping services, that’s irreplaceable.

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