How QR Codes Can Help Leverage Your Hotel Business Strategy

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QR Codes can provide many benefits to your hotel business strategy. Read on to learn more about how QR Codes can streamline many of your business practices.

Technology for the hospitality industry took off with a bang during the 2020 pandemic, and several new developments are here to stay.

QR codes are one such development and have been identified as a highly effective mechanism for several reasons. They can handle anything from implementing contactless services, promoting hotel events, and making it easy for guests to learn about everything your hotel offers. Here’s how QR codes can streamline many of your business practices.

Contactless Check-Ins

One big advantage of QR codes is being able to easily direct your guests to effective online check-in procedures. Whether your hotel has an app or simply a check-in website, the link can be embedded to direct every guest to their reservation confirmation.

In addition, the QR code can be posted on display in your hotel lobby for ease of access, and you can complete the contactless check-in experience by sending each guest a digital key to unlock their hotel room. This also eliminates the cost of individual hotel key cards and improves the guest experience by reducing key malfunctions and wait times.

Promote Events and Guest Reviews

To increase guest interaction with the events happening at your hotel or even throughout the surrounding city, post a QR code with more information. Make it simple and straightforward for anyone with a smartphone to access helpful information without digging through the internet.

You can also make it easy for guests to leave reviews by posting QR codes with links to Yelp, Yahoo, or other search engines that help improve your ranking. Post these types of QR codes in frequently seen areas throughout your hotel, such as the lobby or even on the door of each room.

Switch Your On-site Restaurant Menus to QR Code Options

If your hotel has on-site restaurant amenities, it’s a great idea to offer QR code menus instead of paper or plastic menus. This is a great way to reduce touch-point connections between guests and decrease menu waste over time.

Rather than regularly reprinting menus, a QR code menu option is easy to update and gives guests access to contactless service if your restaurant is set up to take online orders. This idea can be extended to work for things like the hotel spa and room service as well.

How Will You Incorporate QR Codes Into Your Hotel Protocols?

There are several creative ways to incorporate QR codes into your hotel business strategy. They can promote contactless services, allow for digital convenience, and offer cost savings towards your overall budget.

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