6 Ways To Create a Beautiful Marble Entryway for Your Guests

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6 Ways To Create a Beautiful Marble Entryway for Your Guests

Marble is a popular material in the hospitality industry, especially in hotels where the natural stone provides a luxurious and impressive first impression. Marble does, however, cost more than other types of flooring. That’s why a marble entryway, which requires fewer materials, is a great way to reduce costs and put it to maximum benefit.

Here are some ideas for creating a beautiful entryway for your guests.

1. Stick To the Classics

You do not have to do much when using marble. The natural veining and color variations are what make the stone so attractive. You can simply rely on the natural beauty of the stone to create visual interest, laying the stone in a straight or staggered pattern. You can also opt for a marble slab on a counter or standing vertical against a wall for a dramatic visual.

2. Go Bold With Black and White

Some hotel owners want to create drama in the entryway, and they do not feel that a single color or slab will do. Therefore, they opt for contrast. Using white and black marble tiles, for example, allows for stunning patterns or inlays. When working with two colors, you can designate pathways or specific areas without using bulky or unsightly signs.

3. Delve Into Artistic Flare

You are not stuck with singular colors and natural designs. The hotel entryway is the place to go bold. Whether you use a designer who uses graphic designs combined with high-grade marble or one that uses marble to highlight the beauty in other stones or marble variations, allow your artistic eye to go crazy and make something gorgeous.

4. Have Fun With Patterns

One of the best things about marble is that it can be shaped and cut; it is one of the only natural stones where shaping is possible. Because you can shape and cut marble, you can create complex, organic, and freeform designs or patterns. You can focus on curves or retro geometric shapes, whatever suits your lobby.

5. Limit Your Costs

The expense of marble is something you cannot avoid. Therefore, when considering how to use marble in your entryway, think of the areas it will make the best impact. Remember, you do not have to use marble throughout the entire lobby. Using it in a few strategic locations will still make an impact. In some ways, less is more.

6. Mind Your Maintenance

Many people avoid marble because they believe it stains easily, but that is not the case. Still, marble tends to be on the softer side compared to other stones. Because it is softer, marble can scratch more quickly than other materials. Therefore, try to install it in areas where it is protected. Additionally, invest in a hard floor care service and potentially a marble restoration service.

Professional Maintenance Services

Marble flooring is a beautiful and luxurious addition to any hotel entryway. However, it does require some knowledge and experience for cleaning, maintaining, and restoring. That’s something we specialize in at Hotel Cleaning Services and if you need help caring for your marble, we encourage you to contact us to talk about our services and pricing.

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