How To Leverage Social Media With User-Generated Content

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You may have a stellar social media strategy, but if you aren’t leveraging user generated content, you’re missing out on big opportunities. Learn more here!

You may already have a stellar social media marketing strategy, but if you haven’t been leveraging user-generated content, you may miss out on some big opportunities. What better way to show off your hotel than through the lens of the people who’ve had excellent experiences staying there? Here are five ideas for leveraging (UGC) user-generated content on social media.

1. Recommend a custom hashtag for your hotel

Hashtags are useful for amplifying impressions by putting you in front of a larger audience. Social media users often search for well-known hashtags, so they’re a great strategy for you to employ to increase your engagement online. Customize a hashtag and encourage guests to use it when posting on social media for best results.

2. Create story prompts

Did you know that when you give guests direct ideas for what to post, they’re 50% more likely to engage! Get creative and ensure your hotel is photo-ready inside and out. Make engagement ideas visible by putting signs in key hotel areas like the entryway, on doors, and even promoting prompts on your social media page.

3. Request genuine reviews

While TripAdvisor and Yelp are the general sites for consumer reviews, social media is not to be left out (especially regarding Instagram and Facebook!) People love to hear authentic feedback, and your current guests’ experience will likely lead to creating future guest bookings. Encourage your guests to talk about their stay by providing an exceptional atmosphere that they will want to write home about.

4. Design plenty of photo opportunities

Anyone with an eye for design will notice a unique photo op when they see it. Chances are that your hotel has several photo-worthy qualities - from beautiful hardwood floors and a spacious lobby to fashionable furniture and decor. Of course, it’s a given that guests will be taking pictures to commemorate their visit, and your hashtags and posts will encourage them to create that winning content.

5. Set content goals for your marketing strategy

These ideas are fantastic starting points to get your marketing program going, but you’re likely to be even more successful when you map out goals for your strategies. This way, you can measure results against initial objectives and fine-tune your approach over time. It can be as simple as setting a monthly number to hit with UGC hashtags and posts or as complex as quantifying your website traffic derived from social media. Either way, your marketing strategy should have definite objectives from the get-go.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

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