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As we transition back into our normal routines, and as you reopen your hotel following the coronavirus scare, guest and employee health and safety, proper sanitation, and disinfecting, now take highest priority in your property. You want your hotel to fill-up as quickly as possible, but is incumbent on you that all guest contact areas and employee work areas are at their absolute cleanest.

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Our company can assist you with this mission critical cleaning process to help prevent the spread of viruses and other pathogens, such as MRSA, and coronavirus, as well as common colds and flu in your hotel. Our process, utilizing an electrostatic sprayer technology allows us to sanitize and disinfect large spaces and areas in an efficient and timely manner, thereby making it cost effective. The technology allows for a complete disinfecting and sanitizing in even the most difficult to reach areas. It even addresses the undersides of tables and counters, which can be a petri dish for germs.

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When used with our specially formulated disinfectant cleaner, it provides an efficient one step process that will kill 99.9% of bacteria in 2 minutes or less. This includes cold and flu viruses, norovirus, MRSA and the coronavirus. Our system works very efficiently throughout the hotel environment and can be utilized in all front of house areas, all back of house areas, restrooms and locker rooms and in your commercial kitchens. It can also be utilized in your guestrooms and guestroom hallways.

We know that the safety of your guests and employees is paramount. Our service can provide that peace of mind, knowing that your customers and employees are safe and protected in a building that has been disinfected and sanitized from bacteria and viruses.

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