How To Improve Hotel Housekeeping Service Standards [Checklist]

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How To Improve Hotel Housekeeping Service Standards [Checklist] | Hotel Cleaning Services

Hotel cleanliness is a top priority for your hotel. High standards of cleanliness promote guest satisfaction, brand loyalty, and overall profitability.

Consider this checklist of hotel housekeeping services and ways to improve the standards.

Hotel Housekeeping Standards Checklist

Hotel cleanliness starts with a checklist of tasks. This hotel housekeeping standards checklist guides staff and allows your hotel to maintain uniform standards of cleanliness in all the rooms and common areas.

A basic housekeeping standards checklist includes the following:

Create An Entrance

Your guests evaluate your hotel’s cleanliness from the moment they pull into the parking lot. Therefore, your housekeeping services should include the exterior and entryway. Keep the bushes trimmed, wipe handprints off the doors, wash the windows, and clean the flooring to create a good first impression.

Clean Guest Rooms

Guest rooms must be clean and sanitized.

This involves:

  • Strip, inspect, and make the beds
  • Clean and sanitize every inch of the bathroom
  • Wipe off and sanitize surfaces and items like light switches
  • Replenish essentials, such as linens, personal care products, and beverage glasses
  • Remove trash
  • Vacuum the carpet and treat all stains or spots
  • Perform final inspection and complete any overlooked or unfinished tasks

Deep Clean Amenities

Guests expect to use spotless and sanitized amenities, including the pool, spa, fitness center, laundry facilities, beverage bar, and elevator. Housekeeping staff will clean and sanitize these amenities regularly and perform deep cleaning as needed.

Maintain The Floors

Whether it’s hardwood, tile, marble, or carpet, the flooring throughout your hotel requires unique handling. Make sure your housekeeping staff understands how to clean each surface. They should report any stains, spots, tears, or wear so it can be repaired and maintained.

Improving Housekeeping Standards

Although an established housekeeping standards checklist ensures your hotel remains clean, be open to change. Improvement in process and protocols allow your hotel to maintain cleanliness while increasing efficiency, embracing new technology, and reducing expenses.

Here are several ways to improve your hotel housekeeping standards.

Train Staff

Ideally, every member of your housekeeping staff will follow the same checklist and deliver equally clean hotel rooms and common areas. Create or continue this standard with staff training.

Regular training sessions promote a culture of commitment to cleanliness standards. Training also shows staff members how to use cleaning chemicals and equipment properly. Supervisors can spot-check work and use these evaluations to plan technique or equipment demonstrations.

Staff can receive professional development training that details their important role as hotel ambassadors, an integral part of creating exceptional guest experiences.

Cleaning Sequence Updates

The housekeeping standards checklist is designed to create uniformly clean rooms and shared spaces. Housekeepers usually start in the back of the space and work toward the front. The systematic approach can be tweaked, though, to maximize cleanliness and save time and money.

Evaluate the checklist to ensure it covers the essential tasks, then consider changes. Grouping similar tasks together or changing the order of the tasks may save time and improve guest satisfaction and financial gain over time.

Upgrade Equipment

Vacuums, laundry machines, and floor polishers wear out over time, and technological advances can render housekeeping equipment obsolete. Upgrading equipment is one way to improve hotel cleanliness standards.

Housekeeping staff should inspect equipment daily and report any wear or tear. Supervisors can also schedule regular maintenance and replace equipment regularly.

With the right equipment, housekeeping staff can perform their jobs with accuracy and efficiency, and guests enjoy the cleanliness they deserve and expect.

Use Innovative Cleaning Products

Professional cleaning products are designed to clean or sanitize hotel surfaces most efficiently and economically. Product innovations and technological changes do occur, though, and can improve housekeeping standards.

Stay updated on available cleaning and sanitizing products. Consider purchasing upgraded or specialized formulas that make housekeeping easier and generate better results.

Manage Stock

Every hotel housekeeping service understands the importance of maintaining an adequate supply of cleaning solutions and fresh linens. However, there’s always room for improvement.

An automated inventory system tracks supplies and alerts staff when it’s time to restock or reorder essential items.

Staff can also attend conventions and access literature that details available stock upgrades. Selecting a different supplier or product could enhance cleaning efficiency along with guest satisfaction and profits.

Adapt Technology

Housekeeping services typically require human effort and elbow grease, but technology can play an important role, too.

With technology, housekeeping staff can stay connected at all times and address needs in a reasonable manner.

For example, technology solutions could track inventory and alert supervisors when supplies run low. Software may also monitor staff productivity and guest satisfaction scores. This data gives housekeeping staff insight into strengths and weaknesses. These advanced options allow management to maximize profits while meeting guest expectations.

Implement Communication Tools

Various communication tools reduce confusion, maximize productivity, and boost efficiency. Evaluate your hotel’s needs, and implement beneficial communication tools.

Communication improvements can include automated systems and cell phones, beepers, and other devices. These tools allow housekeeping staff to report needed repairs directly to the maintenance department or contact the front desk if needed.

Set New Goals

After your housekeeping staff members achieve the high standards your guests expect, reevaluate your standards. Make new goals as you continue to impress your guests and boost your brand.

Your housekeeping supervisors and staff can meet together as a team to review past housekeeping goals, successes, and deficiencies. With new goals, you demonstrate your commitment to your guests.

Improving Housekeeping Service Standards

Your hotel must remain clean at all times. Use this housekeeping standards checklist to boost cleaning efficiency, guest satisfaction, and hotel profits.

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