How to Improve Hotel Housekeeping Post COVID

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How to Improve Hotel Housekeeping Post COVID

During the 2020 COVID pandemic, many hotels had to change their housekeeping services to stay in business. However, now that the pandemic has passed, many properties are left wondering how housekeeping can be improved as the heightened health concerns continue.

Read on to learn about some methods hotels can use to improve hotel housekeeping post-covid.

Tips For Improving Hotel Housekeeping Post Covid

1). Look at Your Current Housekeeping Plan

The first step to improving is to look at what is already in place. For example, writing out your housekeepers and other cleaning staff’s current actions can help discover any holes in the cleaning process.

It can also help to walk through your property and look for areas that have been overlooked under the current plan. Take notes on anything that needs more attention so you can add it to your plan going forward.

2). Schedule Regular Deep Cleaning

While daily light cleaning is a standard on commercial properties, the pandemic brought to light the need for deep cleaning and disinfecting. If your property doesn’t have a deep cleaning and disinfecting schedule, it is time to add one.

At a minimum, a deep cleaning and disinfecting crew should visit your property to scrub floors, walls, and kitchen equipment at least once monthly. However, a more frequent cleaning schedule may be warranted if your property has more traffic or hosts special events.

3). Add Methods for Employees to Communicate with Management
It’s impossible to notice everything at a hotel property. Therefore, it is a good idea to establish a method for cleaning staff to report problems directly to management.

These problems could be anything from a certain cleaning product not working or a hotel area needing more regular deep cleaning or disinfecting. Any line of communication you set up could help stop these problems in their tracks before they become major health hazards.

4). Limit Opt-Out Programs
Opt-Out programs for cleaning are great for the environment, to a certain extent. However, while you should be able to offer your guests to opt-out of cleaning for a day or two, it’s important to establish a maximum time a guest can opt out before the room needs to be cleaned.

This limit will prevent grime and dirt from building until the room requires a deep cleaning instead of a light daily clean. Plus, allowing housekeeping regular access to a hotel room (even if it isn’t daily) is a good way to stay informed of any maintenance or health hazards that may cause problems.

Ready to Boost Your Hotel Housekeeping Post COVID?

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