Hotel Guest Expectations Post-COVID

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Every hotelier would rather adjust to a post-COVID world over closing their doors forever. To help you adjust, take a look at what hotel guests want post-COVID.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant shifts in various industries that are still playing out nearly three years after shutdowns began. While it’s not clear yet where those shifts are taking us, it is pretty clear that both travel and hotels are not returning to where they were in 2019, at least not anytime soon.

That may sound alarming, but it shouldn’t be; change is inevitable, and just about every hotelier will take adjusting to those changes over shutting their doors forever. The key is adjusting what your customers offer to meet their new expectations. To help you do that, consider this list of what hotel guests want post-COVID.

Accommodating Tech

Guests appreciate any technology that simplifies or enhances their experience with a hotel, but they’ll be looking at these conveniences a little differently in a post-COVID world.

With lingering concerns about spreading illnesses, guests will likely prefer to reduce their level of contact with staff when possible, which can be tricky unless you’ve got the right technology.

With that, however, you can also reduce interactions between your guests and staff and make everyone feel safer and more comfortable. Things like mobile check-in, keyless entry, and electronic payment options that don’t require contact are not difficult to incorporate into your business but can make a big difference.

Expecting and Accepting the Unexpected

The pandemic was a massive change of plans for the entire planet, which, in turn, led to all kinds of other plans changing on short notice. Unfortunately, that trend continues as the virus lingers and disrupts our schedules with little to no warning.

Guests may need to shift or cancel their plans more frequently than before the pandemic, and they will expect those needs to be accommodated.

This accommodation can mean simply rearranging your cancellation policy to reflect the increase in unexpected changes of plans, or it can mean streamlining cancellation and reducing the headache guests might have to endure to avoid losing money in a situation beyond their control.

Increased Hygiene and Safety Measures

What hotel guests want post-COVID more than anything else is the sense that they’re staying somewhere that prioritizes cleanliness.

Since the pandemic, perspectives have shifted quite a bit over what constitutes good hygiene, which means guests will be expecting more out of their hotel’s hygiene protocol than ever before.

This should mean that you’re cleaning with greater frequency and taking greater precautions when it comes to disinfecting, and it also means you should be informing your guests about the measures you’re taking. The more transparent you are about your efforts, the more comfortable your guests will be.

Overall, your guests may have elevated post-COVID expectations, but they’re not unmanageable. We can help meet some of these expectations with the help of our highly skilled professional cleaning specialists. Contact us today to learn more.

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