Hotel Housekeeping Best Practices

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Hotel Housekeeping Best Practices: Elevating Guest Satisfaction through Exceptional Cleanliness.

One of the most important aspects people consider when choosing a hotel is the hotel's cleanliness rating. Therefore, hotel managers must hire the best hotel housekeeping staff possible and ensure they adhere to the best practices in housekeeping to keep their hotel sparkling clean.

But what are the housekeeping best practices in hotels? Read on to find out more.

Housekeeping Best Practices in Hotels

1. Connect Your Housekeepers to Other Departments

While your housekeepers likely already have their hands full, as the frontline employees entering guest rooms, they are essential for keeping the operation of a hotel running smoothly.

A housekeeper can likely notice a problem in a room far before management or maintenance does.

But walking somewhere to notify another employee of a problem can be tedious. Likewise, calling the front desk whenever the housekeeper has a question or concern can be time-consuming.

To ensure all issues are addressed before they become major disruptions, it's important to have a way to connect your housekeeping to other departments. Whether this is a radio that allows them to speak directly to maintenance or a digital system allowing them to check off which rooms need attention by management, either is a good investment to keep your hotel housekeeping efficient and running smoothly.

2. Standardize Times for All Housekeeping Activities

Housekeepers have a lot to do, from scrubbing showers to bed making, and it can help to establish the time they should spend on each activity. For example, the housekeeper can be allotted 20 minutes for each room, 10 for the bathroom, 5 for making the bed, and 5 for vacuuming.

These measurements let your housekeeper know when everything is running smoothly and on time and when to speed up to ensure they clean enough rooms before check-in time.

3. Invest in Employee Training

If you have a few employees who regularly fall short of your established times, don't punish them, but rather invest in further training. For example, there may be a way of cleaning faster than the method they currently use that they need to be made aware of.

Employee retention is much less expensive than hiring new employees, and sometimes all an employee needs is guidance.

4. Hire an Outside Company for Non-Room Spaces

Housekeepers are busy the entire day keeping the rooms ready for check-in. The last thing you want is to take their attention away from guest rooms and direct it to the lobby or event spaces.

To keep your housekeepers focused on where they are needed most, consider contracting a company to undertake the other cleaning processes your hotel requires. This could include a company cleaning your kitchen floors, or a service specifically focusing on your lobby.

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