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Hotel Cleaning: 2020 Guide | Hotel Cleaning Services

When a guest stays at a upscale hotel, they expect exceptionally clean guestroom accommodations. If a room doesn’t look or feel clean, it can lead to a very uncomfortable hotel stay and a less than positive guest review. While cleanliness is a standard that’s expected across all hotels, it is paramount in those of a higher tier.

When preparing for seasoned travelers , cleaning isn’t as simple as changing a bedspread and picking up dirty towels. Specific processes that should be put in place by the hospitality cleaning service to ensure cleanliness standards are upheld, which enhance customer satisfaction.

This is why many hotels choose to outsource hotel rooms cleaning to an expert hospitality cleaning service that can step in to manage staff and establish a consistently high-quality experience for guests.

Why Is Hospitality Cleaning Service Necessary?

Hospitality cleaning services make sure hotel rooms and common areas of the hotel meet or exceed guest expectations.

Without a dedicated housekeeping team that has established systems in place to ensure standards are met and exceeded, hotels can struggle to keep rooms clean, or even have enough trained staff on hand. Aside from possibly receiving negative reviews and dealing with unhappy guests, most states have cleanliness regulations that must be met to continue operating.

If you are curious what steps hospitality cleaning services often follow in order to maintain a clean luxury hotel room, we’ve outlined these ten best practices to maintaining a room that will live up to even the highest of guests standards.

Hospitality Cleaning Service: 10 Steps To A Clean Hotel Room

The best way to preserve a standard of cleanliness throughout the hotel is to have a system for how rooms are cleaned. While some hotels stick to the bare minimum cleanliness requirements, when serving high-end hotel guests, you want to go above and beyond the basics to provide a quality experience.

1. Remove The Linens

The first thing you want to do is remove all linen from the bed and check for any stains or problems with the mattress, mattress pad, bed frame, etc.

2. Clear The Trash

Once you remove all linen from the bed, pick up any trash left in the room. Be sure to look in unexpected places where trash may be lurking such as inside drawers, around the bed frame, in corners, on windowsills and even behind dressers.

Then gather mugs, glasses, room service trays, etc. along with any used robes and slippers.

3. Dust Everything

Dusting is necessary because even a small amount of dust will easily stand out, especially to detail-oriented guests, and provides the assumption the entire room isn’t as clean as it should be.

Be sure to wipe dust from the highest surfaces to the lowest surfaces, including lampshades, artwork, and window sills.

4. Wipe & Disinfect Surfaces

Next, you want to clean all hard surfaces. This includes all high-traffic items in the hotel room, such as the remote control, telephone, door handles, light switches, etc. This is a step not all hotels include in their process, but one that is critical to cleanliness.

Also, clean items like picture frames, the base of the lamps and lampshades, the inside and outside of drawers, even the door and handle of the mini-fridge.

5. Make The Bed

After you dust the room you should make the bed. Be sure to smooth out every part of the bed starting with the mattress pad. Replace everything from the pillows to the sheets to the bedspread so your guests can have a clean and pleasant experience.

6. Clean The Bathroom

The bathroom is an absolutely critical space to keep spotless. You want to clean and disinfect every part of the bathroom from the toilet to the tub/shower to the sink.

Also, be sure other details are taken care of including replacing the linens, bathmats, and robes along with cleaning the hairdryer if needed – even the lint trap. This is time for you to be as detail oriented as possible because a bathroom that appears to be dirty will automatically leave a negative impression on a guest.

Check for any evidence of a previous guest, including hair, watermarks, fingerprints, traces of products, smudges on the mirror, even drip marks the outside the trash can, etc.

7. Replenish Items

Along with cleaning the hotel room, you want to restock all items as needed. These include toiletries, laundry bags, menus, refreshments, pens, notebooks, robes, etc.

Your guests will look for these items, so it provides a better experience to have them available as opposed to needing to be requested. Also, you want to ensure that the ice bucket, glassware, mugs, or coffee/tea materials are clean and replenished as needed.

8. Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop The Floors

Next, be sure to vacuum, sweep and mop the floors depending on the flooring.

While vacuuming and sweeping, keep an eye out for stains or other damage. If it can be cleaned, do so using your cleaning materials, however, if it can’t be cleaned, be sure to report it using the system established at your hotel.

When vacuuming, also see if you can use the vacuum cleaner to clear visible dust from the vents if possible.

9. Add Finishing Touches

Two additional things that can significantly impact a hotel room is the smell and the temperature.

You want to use a sensitive nose to determine whether there are any unpleasant or strong odors in the room. Ultimately, it’s ideal if the room has a neutral odor.

Also, check the temperature of the room, so it isn’t too hot or too cold. Place the thermometer to a set temperature used throughout all hotel rooms.

10. Take One Final Look

Once you’ve completed all the steps listed above, you want to take one final walk around the room to double-check everything is in place and meets the standards of your hotel.

Hospitality Cleaning Service Solutions

Now that you see what goes into maintaining the cleanliness of guest rooms it is easy to see what a big job these professionals have.

If your hotel is struggling to maintain the right staff or ability to provide the best in housekeeping services, consider a partner like Hotel Cleaning Services. We take the guesswork out of the process enabling you to focus efforts on running other operations of your business.

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