5 Tips to Ensure You Hire the Best Commercial Cleaner for Your Hotel

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5 Tips to Hire the Best Commercial Cleaner for your Hotel: What To Look For As You Interview Candidates

Commercial cleaners are an important aspect of hotel management as they are essential for keeping a hotel looking its best. But not all commercial hotel cleaners are created equal, so how can you know you’ve selected the right one?

Read on to discover some basic tips to follow as you seek to hire the best commercial cleaner for your property.

5 Tips to Hire the Best Commercial Cleaner

1. Look for Industry Experience

Cleaning a hotel isn’t the same as cleaning a home. So first, check your prospective commercial cleaning company to ensure they have previously cleaned hotels or other commercial properties.

If you are hiring commercial cleaners for a specific aspect of your hotel, looking for experience in that aspect may also be helpful. For example, when hiring someone to clean your commercial kitchen, you’ll want to look for cleaners that have cleaned commercial kitchens before.

2. Check Reviews

Experience alone isn't enough to base your hiring decision on. Also, take the time to read reviews and ensure the commercial cleaning company has met other customers' expectations.

As a general rule, only select a company with mostly positive reviews.

3. Check Qualifications

While few qualifications are necessary to become a commercial cleaner, any hotel manager should ensure that anyone working on the property, whether employee or contracted, has passed background checks.

Inquire with the prospective commercial cleaning company about their hiring policies and whether they run background checks on employees. This can make all the difference between the two commercial cleaning companies you are considering for your property.

4. Ask About Package Deals or Specials

A major aspect of hiring a commercial cleaning company is the associated cost. If it comes down to a decision between two excellent companies, ask what specials or packages they offer for repeat customers.

If both companies are equal in all other areas, choose the one which offers the best deal.

5. Inquire About Scheduling Procedures

Finally, the last tip for selecting hotel cleaning services is regarding how you can schedule these services. When do you expect the cleaners to come? If you want them only on a certain day, this is important to mention before you hire them.

Additionally, it's important to inquire about the flexibility of scheduling the commercial cleaning company. For example, can you change your date after it has been made? If so, how far in advance does this need to be done?

Asking these questions will help determine if you can work around major events that may occur at your property in the future.

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