5 Ways to Boost Your Hotel Sales During the Holiday Season

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The holidays are an opportunity for your hotel to embrace festive marketing strategies. Read on for 5 tips to boost your hotel sales during the holidays. Keyword Focus: boost hotel sales, boost hotel sales during holidays

Every year, 110 million people across America travel for the holidays. So this is an excellent opportunity for your hotel to embrace festive marketing strategies and capitalize on holiday spending habits. Read on for five jubilant tips to bring in the revelers this winter and boost hostel sales during the holiday season.

Have a clean and decorative front lobby and entryway

Aside from having a clean lobby and entryway, you can add some simple upgrades to your entryways, and lobbies to create a warm and inviting atmosphere immediately upon arrival. By fostering a lively ambiance in your hotel, guests are more likely to feel happy and nostalgic while embracing the holiday spirit. A few ideas include placing poinsettias, holly, and other holiday flowers in the reception area. In addition, you can play festive music softly in the background and offer warm drinks at the bar or through room service to bolster your guest's festive mood.

Offer limited-time holiday deals.

When your guests see an enticing limited-time offer, they are more likely to jump on the opportunity immediately. The holidays are perfect for presenting room deals, gift card sales, or combined offers with neighboring local businesses. You can also use holiday marketing tactics to ensure guests stay with you before the festivities begin, so they know that these limited-time offerings can make great getaway gifts for friends and family members in the new year.

Pay special attention to your most loyal guests.

If you have several returning customers year in and year out, this is the perfect time to show them your gratitude and increase their loyalty even more. Consider offering holiday promotions just for them, and increase the chance that your hotel will be crucial in their next holiday tradition.

Create a personalized check-in process for large groups of guests

Now that social gatherings are back up. It's a great idea to greet your large groups of guests one-on-one. Have a staff member ready and waiting to welcome your guests at check-in to enhance their arrival and make them feel seen and heard for the holidays (it doesn't hurt to do this year-round, either!)

Keep your hotel accommodations as bright and shiny as ever.

You can hire a third-party cleaning company to add that extra gleam and sparkle to your hotel's atmosphere. Once a year right before the holidays is the perfect time to do this: it'll set up your lobby, entryway, and guest rooms to make them shine. Plus, you can then allocate your extra time to going the extra mile on everything else that must be done to prep for the jolliest time of year!

If you're ready to go all out for the holidays, contact us at Hotel Cleaning Services. We are more than happy to get your hotel set up for the season and have professional services to exceed your expectations!

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