AI in Hospitality: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Hotel Industry

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Hotel Industry

Have you been querying phrases like “Artificial intelligence impact on hotel industry” in hopes of learning more about how AI will reshape your vertical? If so, you are certainly not alone. Business professionals across the hospitality space want to know more about the connection between AI and the hotel industry.

Virtually everyone agrees that there will be an AI impact on hotel industry professionals. The question is, who will be most affected?

Let’s examine that very question and explore the basics of AI and the hotel industry.

4 Aspects of Hotel Management that AI Is Revolutionizing

While it is difficult to measure the artificial intelligence impact on hotel industry professionals, it is becoming clear that AI will forever change four core aspects of the hospitality sector: operations, marketing, revenue management, and sales.

Integrating AI into their workflow allows hotel managers to accelerate numerous operational processes, including check-in, booking, and customer service. In turn, this will free up more staff to focus on dynamic tasks, such as serving guests, delivering items to rooms, cleaning common areas of the premises, etc.

With AI, hotel managers can automate many marketing-related tasks, including segmenting audiences, composing and distributing emails, and managing campaigns. This will free up valuable resources, which can then be reallocated to other business processes.

With the right AI tools, decision-makers can access real-time insights about revenue, cash flow, room utilization rates, and more. They can use this up-to-the-minute data to maximize revenue and improve profitability.

Artificial intelligence solutions are also equipped with robust forecasting tools, which can help sales teams better predict room demand. They can use this information proactively to target prospective business travelers, increase room utilization rates, and generate valuable income for the hotel.

As you can see, the AI’s impact on hotel industry professionals will be vast. However, one sector will be largely unaffected by the AI revolution.

The Constant: The Demand for Skilled Labor

Despite the rapid evolution of AI technology, many hotel processes will still require skilled labor. The most notable example is hotel cleaning.

From sanitizing rooms after a guest checks out to cleaning hard surface floors in high-traffic areas, dedicated professionals must perform all of these tasks.

However, if your hotel is among the 82% of establishments experiencing a staffing shortage, obtaining the laborers you need to support your operations can be incredibly challenging. The good news is that there is a solution: outsourcing.

Tap into the Talent You Need

AI and the hotel industry have officially collided. Artificial intelligence technologies are reshaping core hotel business processes like marketing, sales, and revenue management. However, even if you masterfully integrate AI into your business model, you still need reliable, skilled labor to provide guests with a world-class hotel experience.

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