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Above and Beyond | Hotel Cleaning Services

Every now and then we hear of employees going above and beyond the normal call of duty in the course of their jobs. Hotel Cleaning Services wishes to honor one of our own for going above and beyond, and for her exceptional honesty and exemplary display of character earlier this year.

Her name is Maria. Maria has worked for our company for almost 2 years and is a vital member of our team at the W Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood, California, where she works on our overnight crew.

In January of this year, Maria was cleaning the hotel main lobby. As she was emptying the trash receptacles in that area, she noticed a white envelope lying in the trash. She could tell there was something in the envelope. She pulled the envelope from the trash and opened it, only to discover $1000.00 in cash inside. She immediately took the envelope with the cash, and turned into the hotel security office thinking that someone would be looking for their missing money.

As is standard policy with the hotel, they started working to locate the rightful owner of the money. After several months they were still unable to identify the person who had lost it. Likewise, nobody had come forward during that time to claim it. So after 8 months, the hotel awarded the money to Maria as she had found and turned it in initially.

In this day and age, it is nice to see employees like Maria, who work hard every day at their jobs, giving their best effort, and when finding an article of great value, doing the right thing by turning it into the proper authorities.

Maria from all of us at Hotel Cleaning Services, JOB WELL DONE! It’s ladies and gentlemen like you, who make Hotel Cleaning Services stand out from our competition.

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