7 Tips that Reduce Costs by Increasing Hotel Cleaning Efficiency

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7 Tips that Reduce Costs by Increasing Hotel Cleaning Efficiency

A good hotel is all about accommodating their guest’s needs. Still, a good business also remembers to take care of its own, which means cutting costs and improving efficiency wherever possible. Here are seven simple tips to help you reduce hotel cleaning costs and increase hotel cleaning efficiency.

1. Don’t Rely on a Skeleton Crew

Many business owners think understaffing is a fast track for cutting costs. And while this can be a temporary fix, it causes significant problems in the long run. Overworked employees who feel they can’t perform tasks correctly due to time constraints will stop trying. That means less productive employees and work that simply isn’t getting done. In terms of cleaning hotels, this also means upset guests, which can create a snowball effect and hurt your reputation.

2. Streamline Wherever Possible

Streamlining doesn’t necessarily mean reducing — it’s all about simplifying. Use multi-purpose cleaners, standardize everything to eliminate confusion, and talk with your suppliers to see which products you use are necessary. Streamlining will help prevent you from buying things you don’t need and keep employees from getting overwhelmed.

3. Make It Worth It

Work environments have incentives because they work. Don’t hesitate to invest in your strong workers. And incentives don’t always have to be gift cards, either. While rewards like these can help acknowledge good performance and you should consider using them, sometimes just telling your employees you appreciate their work can positively impact morale and, by extension, work efficiency.

4. Focus on Training

Proper training is the seed of efficiency. Invest in ensuring all employees understand the proper cleaning methods, how each process in the hotel operates, and what you expect of them on their shift. A standardized training program that includes these elements, a safety overview, and specialized training is essential. And don’t hesitate to retrain or schedule refreshers when necessary.

5. Measure Work Performance

If you want to incentivize good performance, you must know it when you see it. Routine inspections are essential to ensure work quality. Find a way to recognize shortcomings to identify which areas need improvement. Then you can create a plan using the other tips — training, incentives — to eliminate the root of your problem.

6. Keep Communication Open and Honest

Misunderstandings can be an unfortunate waste of time but sometimes unavoidable. The best thing you can do to keep these to a minimum is to encourage employees to communicate with each other and their superiors. Even simple communication can improve employee morale and increase hotel cleaning efficiency.

7. Invest in a Skilled Workforce

If you’re struggling to find or maintain a skilled cleaning team, don’t settle — use the resources available to find hospitality experts who meet your expectations. Taking the time now to ensure you have the right hotel staff will save you a lot of headaches and frustration later.

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