Hotel Staff Hiring: 5 Tips to Hiring the Best

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Hotel Staff Hiring: 5 Tips to Hiring the Best

A significant part of running a successful hotel property is having the best employees assisting your valued guests day and night. Unlike other industries, hotels need lots of staff with expertise in a wide variety of different industries.

So how do you find the best staff for your hotel? In this article, we’ll discuss how to hire the best hotel staff, from housekeeping to front desk, managers, and more.

1. Use Various Methods for Attracting Staff

While posting a job opening on your internal website might be easy, this will limit the number of potential employees that see your posting. Consider posting on multiple sites where you are hiring hotel staff, everything from Facebook to job boards like Indeed.

Remember to post in places where you think your potential staff will be looking. It is also a good idea to highlight potential growth opportunities in your various roles. This will attract candidates looking for a career in the hotel industry rather than just a temporary job.

2. Conduct as Many Interviews as Possible

As a hiring manager, it can be tempting to go through a pile of applications and narrow it down to just two or three people you invite for an interview. This does speed up the process, but it may also eliminate candidates who would be a good fit for your property for reasons that may not be on a resume.

It is challenging to judge customer service skills on a resume alone, so you should invite as many applicants as possible to interview, weeding out only those you see no potential in at the resume stage.

3. Hire Only the Best

Although you want to invite many potential employees to interview, narrowing down your selection and hiring the best is crucial. If you are having trouble deciding, consider calling references, asking other staff members to help in the selection process or check the applicants’ social media profiles for additional information on the potential new hire.

4. Invest in Training

After spending so much time to find the best candidates, you want to spend as much time and money on training. Once you find the right candidate, it’s important to invest in that employee to give them the tools they need to succeed in their new role.

5. Hire a Service to Help You Hire

Does all this sound like a lot of work? Hire a hotel staffing service! A hotel staffing service can handle the hiring process while you focus on managing your hotel. As staffing experts, they will know the proper channels for finding the best candidates and host interviews to narrow down the right candidates for your staffing needs. Most services can also help you locate seasonal and temporary employees when needed.

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