The Top 4 Post-COVID Changes To Make Throughout Your Hotel

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Hotels are no exception to the changes brought on by the pandemic. Read on to learn changes to make to offer a safe & clean environment in the post-covid world.

Now that the initial impacts of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic have brought us to the point of integrated, widespread change, people have newly informed expectations for the businesses they support. Hotels are no exception, as travelers are beginning to enjoy post-pandemic vacation time once again.

Read on to learn the top four adjustments to make in your hotel policies that will attract customers while offering a safe and pristine environment.

1. Update Your Cleaning Policies and Procedures

While your hotel may already have stringent cleaning policies and procedures, now is the time to formalize your “clean initiatives” to follow recommendations from the CDC and local health department orders.

New staff hired specifically for sanitation requirements can assist in this process. Creating a marketing agenda to give your guests detailed insight into your post-COVID cleaning policies is also recommended. Make sure your above-and-beyond cleaning procedures are aligned with brand messaging so that guests are fully aware of their post-COVID expectations being met.

2. Remodel Dining Layouts and Occupancy Floorplans

Floorplan layouts for dining spaces and room bookings can be strategized to comply with social distancing recommendations. For example, space out community areas and map out room booking per floor so your guests are never required to intermingle unnecessarily.

You can also redesign your food service offerings by doing away with salad bars and buffet stations, opting for more customized dining experiences. Not only does this reduce hot spot contact, but it also decreases food waste.

These actions will promote guest comfort while simultaneously enhancing your hotel safety commitment with transparent procedures.

3. Invest in App-based Check-ins and Web Technology

The pandemic acted as a catalyst for technologies that were already well underway. Many marketplaces have now streamlined their e-commerce and app functionalities, the hotel industry included.

For example, big brands like Marriott and Hilton launched digital capabilities even before the pandemic, paving the way for hoteliers of all sizes. Now post-COVID, you can offer online check-ins, electronic kiosks, and digital keys to help reduce person-to-person interactions, offering your guests considerable safety and value.

4. Redesign Your Hotspot Touchpoints

To remove as many common touchpoints as possible, you can start by removing superfluous items such as decorative pillows, notepads, and magazines. Keep only the essentials, and consider investing in technologies to reduce touchpoints further.

For example, opt for integrated room technology to control heating and cooling, add scannable QR codes to replace menus, and consider removing carpeted areas for ease of cleaning. Installing hard surface flooring adds to cleaning efficiencies and offers a tasteful aesthetic throughout your hotel.

The Key Takeaway

Even though the primary shock of the 2020 pandemic has faded, we are left with new social norms embedded into our collective way of thinking. Distancing and cleanliness standards are here to stay, and every hotelier must consider this when strategizing proactivity protocols.

We’ve covered several recommendations for garnering guest satisfaction, including updated technologies, detailed cleanliness standards, remodeling common areas, and removing common touch points. If you are interested in making a huge step forward to abide by clean initiatives and update your hardwood flooring, contact Hotel Cleaning Services today.

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