As the Hospitality Industry prepares to reopen following the coronavirus pandemic, the health and safety of your guests and employees is of utmost importance. Society is now expecting hotels and
resorts to take safety and cleanliness to an entirely new level. That’s where we can partner with you.

We are introducing our new “Wellness Butler” program. This service provides you with a dedicated cleaning professional, attired in the proper PPE, to systematically roam throughout your property, proactively disinfecting all guest and employee points of contact in the main lobby, guest entrances, guest restrooms and all public areas of the hotel, during the day and evening shifts. This service will address the disinfecting of all doors, door handles, handrails, desks and tabletops, keyboards and screens, and all other areas frequented and touched by your guests. Our “Butlers” utilize the most advanced cleaners and disinfectants which will mitigate the spread of COVID‐19 and a host of other pathogens. You are also free to market your hotel using our “Wellness Butler” program as promotional tool for your own property. Your guests will want to want to see the aggressive safety protocols you have implemented, and what better way than to tell them about your “Wellness Butler” program. They will see it in action when they check in, and actions speak louder than words. Our special introductory rates are very reasonable and include all dedicated labor, disinfecting chemicals, supplies and necessary PPE.

Stay one step ahead of your competition and give us a call today. We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a “Wellness Butler” of your own. Please contact Gene Montavon at 602‐588‐0864 or via email at

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