Cleanliness is one of the primary factors guests consider when forming their opinion of your hotel or resort. If the property is not as clean as they expect or desire, they likely won’t revisit.  

At Hotel Cleaning Services, we are committed to providing you with the right staff necessary to ensure your hotel or resort receives not only five stars for cleanliness but will turn customers into repeat guests.

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Hotel Housekeeping Services Offered

We understand every hotel and resort has its specific housekeeping and cleaning needs. For this reason, we deliver the full scope of hotel housekeeping services, including:

  • Cleaning front lobby areas
  • Cleaning guest and employee restrooms
  • Cleaning back of house service hallways
  • Cleaning kitchens and restaurants
  • Cleaning spas, exercise rooms, and other guest amenity areas
  • Spotlessly cleaning hotel and resort rooms
  • Deep cleaning carpets
  • Caring for hard floors to include stripping and waxing
  • Marble, granite and travertine cleaning and restoration
  • Among many other services customized to your requirements

Benefits Of Outsourced Hotel Housekeeping

As the owner or manager of a high-end hotel or resort, you have a choice in how to manage housekeeping services. Learning the benefits associated with outsourcing such services may help you to make an informed decision for the sake of your brand and your guest’s experience. 

Here are some of the benefits of using Hotel Cleaning Services for your hotel housekeeping needs.

Decades Of Experience In The Hospitality Industry

Over 30 years of experience cleaning luxury hotels and resorts has given our company time to perfect our cleaning techniques. We guarantee you and your guests are wowed by the level of cleanliness and professionalism we bring to your property.

Highly-Trained Staff

Any staff member we send to your property has undergone our thorough vetting process. Our team conducts background checks, reference checks and performs comprehensive interviews. You can trust we don’t recommend anyone not suited to your unique criteria.

Proper Tools For High-Quality Results

Having properly trained employees is only half the equation when it comes to high-quality resort and hotel housekeeping. Access to the right equipment is an essential component of many of the services we offer. We deliver on all elements of what it takes to make your property sparkle and shine.

Count On The Experts For Your Hotel Housekeeping Needs

The quality of the work that your resort and hotel housekeeping staff put into cleaning your property has a direct impact on a guests’ impression of your property and their overall satisfaction level. 

At Hotel Cleaning Services, we have highly-skilled housekeeping staff who stand ready to exceed the expectations of you and your guests.

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